Styles of Lofts

Lofts have a variety of different meanings to different people, and have thus evolved into three different styles of lofts.  Lofts had originally be a term to descripe an industrial property that had been converted to a residential space.

2-Story Loft a.k.a. “New York Loft”

A New York Loft, or a “true” loft is a condominium home that has a “lofted” bedroom or den area.  Many two-story lofts in Seattle are in buildings that also have more traditional floorplans which can make searching online difficult.  With the exception of just a couple of downtown condominium projects, two-story lofts make up only a small percentage of units within a given address, and most of them are in the Belltown neighborhood.

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Industrial Loft

Occasionally referred to as also a commercial loft, ‘industrial lofts’ refer to properties that have been converted and legally zoned as residential.  In Seattle, many industrial style lofts are located in the Pioneer Square neighborhood.  Many of the industrial conversion properties in Pioneer Square were built during the aftermath of the Klondike Gold Rush when Seattle became a popular transport and supply location.  During that time several small factories and blue color services were built, and as a result Seattle has been graced with a unique collection of wide open residential spaces with exposed wood beams, exposed brick, and old fashioned in-city historic charm you can’t find outside of downtown.

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Modern Lofts

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Live/Work Lofts

Due to concerns among homeowner associations regarding foot traffic, live/work opportunities are very rare.  Not only are there few to choose from, but many of them have stict rules on what type of business a homeowner may have in order to keep visitation from clients/customers to a minimum.  However, some lofts have been designed with an exterior entrance which will increase the amount of allowable business opportunities.  Be sure to share what type of business you are planning on having and how many clients/customers you expect to have so that your real estate agent can point you in the right direction.

View downtown Seattle condo buildings with Live/Work Lofts